e-BRIDGE Plus Apps

A full range of apps designed to help you get the most out of your Toshiba devices.

Pure plug & play

With Toshiba e-BRIDGE Plus technology, you can add new features and enhancements as easily as you would expect from your smartphone. Productive, intuitive and always up to date, these apps will further improve your document handling.

Toshiba's e-BRIDGE Plus technology is pure plug & play, allowing you to seamlessly integrate these clever apps into the modern and intuitive user interface of all our e-BRIDGE systems. Say goodbye to external servers and cumbersome configurations and simplify complicated and frequently used operations - simply install and immediately enjoy the many benefits of the innovative Plus apps.

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Even more future-proof

Instantly connect to all popular cloud services, automate processes, or just add new, productive features. The e-BRIDGE Plus apps make your Toshiba systems even more future-proof. And best of all - there are always new ones added!

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Personalise your Toshiba systems

With Toshiba's e-BRIDGE Plus apps your efficiency is increased at the touch of a button. These innovative apps are great at streamlining processes without unnecessarily inflating your IT infrastructure. Personalise your Toshiba systems with features tailored to your needs.

Increase your efficiency

Simplify workflows, optimise processes and increase your efficiency. Our aim is to enhance your day to day workflow tasks, so if you like to make things straightforward and intuitive, then our e-BRIDGE Plus apps are just right for you.



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